In-Person, Drive-In, & Online Sevices

In-Person & Drive-In Worship Sundays at 11 am. We livestream the service to Facebook.

Hey Folks,

We now offer In-Person Worship inside the Church Building AND Drive-In Worship in the Parking Lots on Sundays at 11 am! Online Worship and Online Sunday School also continues.

In-Person Worship Details

 I realize that many COVID-19 precautions have become contentious political issues for many, and honestly, I am not sure where I stand on them half the time. But what I do know is that it would be reckless for us to begin meeting together and not take some simple precautions. I also know the last thing any of us wants to do is use our freedom to endanger others. 

 There is growing agreement about the most common way people become infected with COVID-19. It is not so much from touching contaminated surfaces or even by walking past someone. No, the most dangerous is close, person-to-person interactions for extended periods, and especially at crowded events in poorly ventilated areas where people are talking or singing loudly. Unfortunately, that is what we do in worship and why we must insist upon the most basic precautions as we restart In-Person Worship services. We will end each of the following precautions as we decide they are no longer necessary.

Please do not come to In-Person Worship if you feel ill or are displaying any symptoms of illness.

A nurse does a quick, no-touch screening (infrared temperature gun and a couple of questions) of everyone for symptoms before entering the building. 

We expect every person who is medically able to wear a mask during In-Person Worship. Please do not take it off to talk or sing. Masks help keep us from infecting others when social distancing is difficult or impossible (like in our little church with pews that are so close together).

We practice social distancing the best we can inside the building, and you are welcome to sit with friends and family that you are often around. 

We limit seating to about 40 people upstairs and 30 people downstairs. The blue comfy choir chairs are now down in the Kingdom Room (basement) and spread out for safety.

The In-Person and Drive-In Worship service lasts around 30 minutes to limit our exposure to each other.

 I want to personally thank you for your prayers, words of encouragement, and financial support to Grace Fellowship during these difficult times. Life may be messy and confusing right now, but the Lord knows what He is doing. He has this, and He has you.

Pastor John Adams