About Us

Our Purpose, Values, Plan, and Care

Our Purpose

Why Grace Fellowship Exits

  1. Matthew 22:36-40 – To love God and our neighbor
  2. Matthew 28:18-20 - To make disciples of Jesus Christ

Our Values

How We Live Out Our Purpose

  • Stand Fast in Grace - We are saved by grace, humbly walk in grace, freely give His grace, and "grace will lead us home."
  • Strive for Unity - We work together in love for the sake of the Gospel.
  • Walk in Trust  - We tell one another the truth in love and do what we say.
  • Display Christ-like Character as demonstrated in the Fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22).
  • Intentionally Equip members to live fruitful, Christ-centered lives that overflow into those around them.
  • Be a Catalyst for partnership between local churches to be Jesus to the world.
  • We Work Together by Consensus - We are One Family who never uses parliamentary procedure as a weapon. 
  • We Attack Problems, Not People

Our Plan

How We Make Disciples of Jesus and Train Ministry Leaders

“The Way Today”

Every Church needs a plan to Encourage and Equip people to become Disciples of Jesus and another plan to Train Ministry Leaders. Because without a plan in place, any church can be so distracted by other ministries and activities, making Disciples and Training Leaders can fall to less than the number one priority. 

Discipleship Track - we ENCOURAGE and EQUIP

every Member and Regular Attender to: 

  • Worship the Lord  - Weekly with the Church and with Daily Devotions 
  • Read and Study the Bible - Participate in a Weekly Bible Study 
  • Discover and Use Your God-Given Gifts and Passion - Spiritual Gifts, Talents, and Treasure 
  • Actively Participate as a Volunteer in a Ministry 

Ministry Leader Track - we EXPECT every Ministry Leader to:

  • Fully Participate in the Discipleship Track 
  • Actively Participate in your Ministry 
  • Continue to Grow your Ministry 
  • Train and Mentor the Members of your Ministry

Our Care

Deacon Family Ministry - How We Provide Spiritual

and Benevolent Care:

Our Deacons and Family Ministers assist our Pastors in providing care for our Members and Regular Attenders by:

  • Getting to know them and encouraging them to experience Christian fellowship within the church
  • Sharing the Gospel with them.
  • Providing general spiritual guidance.
  • Finding out when they are going through difficult times (spiritually, physically, in their relationships, in their general situation, etc.). And especially in times of crisis.